Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History – Infographic

Sports betting is popular worldwide, and for a good reason. Betting on big sports events is fun and is a good way to support a football club, a player, a jockey, racer, or a horse. Sports bettors can enjoy betting live through Singapore Pools’ live odds, and they can also take advantage of the odds provided by sportsbooks like CMDBet and SBOBet.

Some bettors can even get rich by betting on sports through local bookmakers and online sportsbooks when taking advantage of parlays and jackpot bets. Such bets typically have long odds because bettors have to guess the correct outcome of multiple matches. Some jackpot parlays allow bettors to lose one or two bets before counting the entire parlay as a loss. Even though such bets are risky, the fact that bettors can and have won six to seven-digit winnings through single-digit bets make it enticing to continue betting on it. Nearly everyone who got rich from betting low either did so through parlays or outright bets with astronomical odds.

One bettor who won millions was a 61-year-old heating engineer named Steve Whiteley, who bet £2 and won £1.45 million. He was given a free horse racing ticket and placed six random bets for the sake of it. He initially wrote a ticket with two selections per race but found that he couldn’t afford the required £32 bet and settled for one selection per race. He managed to pick the horse Lupita who had lost its previous 20 or so races, and ended up winning the one Whiteley bet on.

One bettor who got lucky and still won big after losing a bet is the English roofer Mick Gibbs who wagered a measly £0.30 bet on a 15-leg accumulator with +166666600 odds. Only 14 of his predictions were correct, but he still ended up winning £500,000. Several others also won big while betting on sports, but not all of them can be replicated by casual bettors since high rollers naturally win big because they bet so high. CM2Bet’s article regarding the biggest sports betting wins in history covers only some of the biggest wins that resulted from small wagers. Read on to know more about them.