Not All Biometrics are Created Equal: Why FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication is Top of the Line

Some users might be concerned about their security and privacy as they make online purchases and pay for their goods. Many security service providers offer more up-to-date protection packages to counter hackers and prevent data breaches.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the global health crisis, people rely more on their smartphones and other gadgets to find and buy everything they need. This includes everyday necessities, school supplies, and devices.

Due to the increased number of online transactions, which can make them vulnerable to hackers and other cyber breaches, many online banking, payment, and shop companies have chosen to strengthen their security protection. The latest security measures have proven more secure and less hackable than the old alphanumeric combinations used as passwords and the eKYC portal or Electronic Know Your Customer system. Many now offer passwordless authentication, online biometrics, 2 Factor Authentication, and other systems.

However, these security measures can be very different for users. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, such as cost, coverage, user-friendliness, security against hackers, and breachers.

Users will find it helpful to be familiar with all security measures, such as mobile identity verification, digital identity verification, and fido2 passwordless authentication. This will allow them to understand each type of security better and protect themselves against malicious intent towards their accounts. For older users, who may not be as familiar with technology, it is crucial to understand the various frauds that hackers and breaches use in order to avoid falling into their traps. This includes text or email phishing that pretends to be the owner in order to obtain important information.

If want to learn more about why FIDO2 Passwordless is top of the line, you can read this infographic from LoginID. Also, visit Blogs to enhance your knowledge more on technology updates.

Not All Biometrics are Created Equal, Why FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication is Top of the Line_infographicHUDHWAI