What is CNC Machining?

Custom CNC machining is the creation of parts that are not available elsewhere. It can be used for CNC machining, CNC turning and milling. The function of this is to make a simple piece of gear which requires a particular size or material. Or you might have a unique invention that is not available to suppliers. 

Different types of CNC Machining

According to the client’s requirements, various processes make custom CNC machining possible. A manufacturer may choose to use one machine or another, depending on how accurate and extensive the job is. These are just a few examples of custom machining:

Manual Lathes

This involves turning the part where it is spun, and a cutting tool is curving. This is a standard method of creating round pieces.

5-Axis CNC Machining Centres

A company must invest in high-end technology and equipment to produce exact items and remain competitive. CNC machining centres are used when clients require high-quality, consistent, and efficient parts. This 5-axis machine can move in five directions to produce high-quality parts.

Prototype plastic machining

While 3D printing is the most common way to acquire plastic parts, it may not be suitable for non-printable parts. Prototype plastic manufacturing involves creating precise concepts, producing exact parts from raw material and considering factors like pre-heat and tool path. This method is great for creating small parts that cannot be made by any other production method. Prototype plastic machining is the only way to create an optical element with a radius smaller than 0.05mm.

Metal Machining

Metal machining is the actual production of a part according to a client’s design. Customers should be satisfied with the final product. Many factors, including the room temperature, ensure the metal part is made exactly as the customer wants.

Why Custom Machining is a Good Choice

1. High Quality and Precision Parts

CNC machining can produce complex applications. The production machine can make similar parts repeatedly until you get the final piece.

2. Produced on time

CNC machining is the process of removing blocks from raw materials to create desired shapes. The production machine is controlled by a computer, which ensures that the speed does not exceed a specific limit. The machine is set up to follow specific procedures, so it is difficult to make an error that could lead to repeating the same process. CNC machining companies employ CNC engineers with extensive experience manufacturing various parts. This allows for a fast turnaround.

3. Affordability

It isn’t easy to find a product in multiple stores if it is uniquely designed. It is unlikely that you will find it in every store. You can avoid spending too much and still get a high-quality product by choosing custom machining.

Bottom Line

Overall, CNC Machining is used by manufacturers of various materials, including metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, and rubber. This technology’s reliability has automated control which improves productivity. For more information about this or fibre laser engraving, visit Poly Flex or contact them at +61 7 3284 2799