How to Select a Capable Structural Engineer

Structural failures can occur from different sources associated with the environment and construction. These sources might be due to outdoor elements such as water intrusion, extreme temperatures, strong winds, and more. Poor installation work and the use of inferior materials can also further structural deterioration. If a building is in poor condition, it can lead to safety risks and penalties for non-compliance with building codes.

Property owners must ensure the structural soundness of their building. Therefore, they need to hire a structural engineer in New Jersey who will assess the property to identify issues that can affect its integrity. The inspection often involves checking for signs of damage like cracks, water damage, uneven floors, and more. Their assessment offers indispensable information for meeting safety regulations intended to protect people’s health and safety inside and around the building.

They often work alongside an architect or building contractor to calculate structural loads, define the specifications of a project, and decide which materials and structural systems to use during construction. When making improvements or renovations that could affect the stability of the property, the engineer will provide design plans with structural drawings. They also closely supervise the project throughout the building stage.

There are several occasions when a property owner will need the expertise of a professional structural engineer in NJ. It can be to make changes to an existing structure, design a new one, or buy a property. In any case, choosing the right professional engineer will help owners save money by ensuring that the structure is safe and will stand for years. But with many engineering firms in the market, choosing the right one can be challenging, especially when looking for someone who can do the job correctly, has the right qualifications, and with adequate skills.

See this infographic from Lockatong Engineering, which discusses some considerations when looking for a capable structural engineer.