When to choose all-season tires

All-season tires

All-season tires should be chosen if you are in the market for tires, you can enjoy year-round, eliminating the need to change tires. However, with all-season tires, this is only possible if you live in an area with mild seasonal weather. All-season tires have not passed the necessary criteria to be able to be used on snow and ice. The naming of all-seasons tires is somewhat of a misnomer as they are made for three seasons out of four unless you live in an area where the winters are mild without snow or ice.  If you live in one of the many areas of the United States where the weather stays mild in all seasons, then the all-season tires are a great choice. All-season tires have low rolling resistance and features that help protect from hydroplaning, giving them, many benefits in all seasons except winter. The low rolling resistance makes them both fuel-efficient and allows for a silent driving experience and the reason it is the most popular tires.

All-season tires like the Nokian Tyres One offer a smooth ride with low rolling resistance to minimize emissions and fuel costs and help strive towards a greener world. In addition, they offer excellent wet grip to help to protect against hydroplaning. With innovations like the polished lateral and inside grooves, these tires can displace even more water with an accelerated flow due to the polished main grooves.  The Nokian Tyres One is the next generation of all-season tires specially designed by Nokian Tyres for North America. Many innovations like the new “silent sidewall technology” allowing for reduced noise and vibration. 

In many areas of the United States, all-season tires suffice and are a great choice. With low rolling resistance and hydroplaning protection, they make for a great all-around tire. They are often the tires cars put on new cars. Even though they are not recommended for severe winter weather, they can handle light snow, so if you find yourself in mild winter weather, they will bring you home safely. If you prefer changing into snow tires, you should consider the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 EV, an environmentally friendly tire that offers the new double stud technology.  This technology allows for excellent grip and traction on ice, improving both acceleration and braking. They hold the three-peak mountain snowflake emblem, signifying their approved use in severe winter weather. These eco-friendly tires also come recommended for hybrid and electric cars.

All-season tires are an excellent option for all-year-round driving, especially in areas of the United States with milder weather. In regions where the weather is harsh in the winter, you should consider changing the all-season tires into winter tires.  Storing a second set of wheels with winter tires already mounted facilitates the switch into and out of winter tires. Combining all-season tires and studded tiresin the winter is possibly the best performing option for the best driving experience throughout the year.  

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