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Who in Their Right Mind Would Invest in SEO???

Businesses have invested in digital marketing campaigns to improve their online presence and compete with other brands for a place on the first pages of the search engine results pages or SERP. Search engine optimization or SEO online marketing techniques became the staple in most online marketing strategies because of their reliability in gaining traction online.

However, many business owners still have reservations and ask, “Is SEO worth the money” because of the campaign’s high costs. Some businesses use other digital marketing techniques to improve their visibility, drive traffic to their sites, and get people to buy their products. While small companies might have some reservations with SEO, bigger businesses can easily take advantage of the campaign because they have the budget.

Search engine optimization drives high-quality traffic to websites and gets the people interested in a particular service to visit the site. SEO ensures that the site is found in the first pages of Google’s SERP and that people can see it. More high-quality traffic means more sales and revenue for the site owner.

SEO does not simply bring the site to the first page for everyone to see. The marketing strategy ensures that the right people searching using relevant search phrases and keywords find the site to interact with it. Businesses can get their visitors to subscribe to their channel, sign up for newsletters, buy products, and interact through other means.

Websites can also rank organically or naturally through SEO and get more clicks than paid ads. People usually trust sites that Google deemed worthy to rank and place on page one of the search engine results than those placed because of ads. Not investing in digital marketing campaigns or not using SEO is a big mistake that will keep websites from receiving any visitors.

Businesses can also get ahead of their competitors when using SEO as the marketing campaign helps build up a brand’s reputation among its customers. Companies can also grow as they bring in more leads through SEO until they become the leaders in their respective industries.  Through SEO, a business can actually compete with the leading brands in the industry instead of passively waiting for any opportunities to come.

SEO may be costly, but it can effectively generate a great return on investment once it starts showing results. A top-ranking site is enough of an advertisement in the online marketplace, especially if there is no “ad” label beside it. Compared to investing in a PPC or pay-per-click ad, SEO produces better results without the additional cost of another marketing campaign.

Compared to PPC and other marketing techniques, search engine optimization brings more long-term results than other marketing practices. SEO takes months to produce results, but they will last longer than PPC’s results. A high rank is not easy to lose when the business continues using search engine optimization on their site.

Without investing in search engine optimization strategies, a website will remain unseen and missing from different browsers’ SERP. While the site stays at the bottom of the search results pages, it will not receive any traffic and have no sales.

Investing in SEO makes sense if the business owner wants their business to succeed or at least expand beyond their local geographies. Many company websites have already grown thanks to SEO, and not investing in it is a crazy thing to do if the company has a website.

Instead of asking who in their right mind will invest in SEO, it’s better to ask who in their right mind would not invest in it. For more information on the benefits of SEO, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.