Singapore Pools Betting: Understanding Exotic Horse Bets – Infographic

If an individual likes the thrill of betting on horses, they may want to try exotic horse betting. This type of betting involves placing bets on more than one horse, and the payout is usually much higher. In this type of wager, bettors should have the number of the horse and its race in mind. 

Exotic betting requires more horses to cover every possible combination. Therefore, it is expensive. That is why experts are advising bettors not to take the risk if they do not have an extra fund.

Malaysia’s online casino offers two categories of exotic horse betting. It is vital to know all this information to pick the best horses to win big. 

  1. Horizontal Exotic Bet

Horizontal exotic is multi-race parlays that enable bettors to place wagers on horses they predict will finish in the top two to six races. Horizontal unfamiliar bettors are successful if their chosen horse wins the race. The bet will be void if the horse fails to finish.

Flat betting has different categories under it:

– Daily Double: The Bettor picks the horses to take first in two consecutive races.

– Pick 3: Bettor picks horses to be first in three races.

– Pick 4: Bettor picks four horses to first place in the following races.

– Pick 5: Bettor picks horses that take first place at five races consecutively.

– Pick 6: Bettor chooses horses to first place at six consecutive races.

  • Vertical Exotic Bet

The second type of Exotic Bet is the Vertical, which contrasts Horizontal Exotic Bet. It can be multi-horse parlays for one race. In this wage category, bettors must correctly identify each horse’s finishing order to win this prize. 

There are also various categories under this variety of exotic bet. Understand more about them in the infographic below created and designed by one of the well-known Singapore football betting companies, CM2BET:

Singapore Pools Betting Understanding Exotic Horse Bets