Basic Guideline About Marine Engine Mounts

A quality marine engine mount will make the difference between an engine that is quiet and vibration-free. Remember, when you notice  wearing or damaged engine mounts, replace them immediately since an engine sitting too low can cause misalignment of the transmission, worn cutlass bearings, or damage to components like the shaft or a propeller

How to Install a Marine Engine Mount

Regardless of their design, motor mounts should be installed properly. They must be square with the engine installation (the surface on which the mount sits should be parallel with the crankshaft centerline), and they should rest squarely on a stringer or other supporting structure. They should not be camber (“rocking” inboard or outboard) or caster (toe-in-toe out), which can cause the rubber insert to deform and lead to failure.

For best results, it’s best to have a marine engineer install your mounts. They’ll be able to determine the correct mounting position and the torque for the fasteners to keep them tight.

Another critical detail to remember is the difference in each mount’s durometer on the right and left sides. The right side will typically compress more than the left side, and this can result in a teetering effect, which causes engine vibration. To avoid this, use a spacing plate that can lift the mount to the appropriate height for the engine bracket, eliminating the need for the choking compound. This plate is cut from marine-grade alloy and easily installed from the side.

Lastly, ensure that you do not have loose nut caps on your studs. These can be the cause of the stud’s failure and can also prevent the correct vertical positioning of your engine.

How Can You Take Care Of Your Marine Engine Mounts

Mounts only require a little maintenance if they are protected from oil, water, and fuel. Small leaks, such as those from a weeping pump, will cause rusty threads that can be difficult to adjust. The rubber components will be damaged by oil or fuel leaks, which can lead to premature failure of the mounts. So, it is critical to ask advice from the technician and  use natural soaps for cleaning to maintain the usage of the marine engine mount. 

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