Different Anti-Theft Devices For Your Trailer

In everything you buy, your number one priority is the safety of your property. So, when you already have your most prized possession, like a trailer, you must ensure that it is well taken care of. This article discusses tips to prevent trailer theft and protect your hard-earned belongings. Below are the following materials to lock your trailer:

GPS Tracking System

Having GPS Tracking devices can help you recover your trailer as soon as possible. You can find many affordable tracking devices. You can also use your Airtag spare. Remember, it is essential to keep it hidden from view, as trailer thieves may look for it if they steal your trailer.

Hitch Coupler Lock

A hitch coupler lock prevents thieves from hooking up your trailer.

The hitch coupler lock attaches directly to your trailer’s coupler, just like a trailer ball. It locks in place with a key. Make sure you get the right size coupler lock for your trailer. If you need more about this sizing, you can always ask a trailer dealer or trailer supply store.

Hitch Pin Lock

No matter what other security devices you use on your trailer, a hitch pin locks secure your trailer accessory to your receiver hitch. It cannot be removed except with a key. Make sure the hitch pin lock model you choose matches your receiver size.

Lock with Latch Pin

The latch pin lock locks the coupler’s latch mechanism down, so it can’t be fitted on a hitch. This is one of the most beneficial safety devices for general towing. It will ensure everyone can remove your trailer or towing vehicle.

Wheel Chock Lock

A wheel lock is an item that clamps around the trailer’s wheel to stop it from rolling. It is easy to use, takes up little space, and can deter someone from stealing your trailer. It is easier to remove the key with it and would require some serious noise and power tools to move without being noticed.

X-Chock Locks

If you have a double-axle trailer, an X-Chock lock is functional. The X-Chock lock puts pressure on each tire of the axle to stop them from moving. It is a clever design. However, X-Chocks does not have a key lock but only a ratchet. So, anyone with a toolbox can thwart your trailer security efforts if they are smart. You can get around this by using a cable lock to attach the X-Chock lock on your wheels. It will provide an additional layer of security.

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